Load and replace papers easily.
  Good magnetism and stick to metal surface firmly
  Perfect for display in the office or at home.



Magnetic pockets are versatile tools that provide a convenient solution for displaying papers and documents in a variety of settings, whether it's in the office or at home. These pockets are designed to offer effortless loading and replacement of papers, making it quick and hassle-free to update displayed content as needed.

Thanks to their good magnetism, these pockets securely stick to metal surfaces, ensuring a firm hold and preventing accidental detachment. Whether you want to display important notes, memos, or important documents, these magnetic pockets will keep them in place and easily visible.

The functionality of magnetic pockets makes them ideal for a wide range of applications. In the office, they can be used to showcase important schedules, reminders, or project plans on metal filing cabinets, whiteboards, or other metal surfaces. At home, they can be employed to display family photos, children's artwork, or weekly meal plans on refrigerators or other magnetic surfaces.

The ease of use and reliable magnetic attachment of these pockets make them a practical choice for organizing and displaying essential information. With their simple yet effective design, they eliminate the need for pins, tape, or adhesive, ensuring a neat and clean display that won't damage the papers being showcased.

Raw material Magnet, white PVC
Specification MP-01 A5 157X217mm, MP-02 A4 220X305mm
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