OHP Transparency Film

OHP Transparency Film


  High transparent film for presentation and education purposes.
  Suitable for art crafts
  Flat and smooth
  Clear and sharp pictures



The OHP transparency film is a versatile tool widely used in presentations and educational settings. This high-transparent film provides exceptional clarity, allowing for vivid and engaging visual displays.

Not limited to presentations alone, the OHP transparency film is also a popular choice for art and craft projects. Its transparency and smooth surface make it perfect for creating overlays, stencils, and other artistic elements.

The flat and smooth nature of the OHP transparency film ensures hassle-free printing and handling. It lays flat on the surface, preventing any wrinkling or distortion, resulting in professional-looking visuals.

One of the standout features of the OHP transparency film is its ability to produce clear and sharp pictures. Whether it's graphs, charts, or intricate images, this film allows for precise detailing and accurate representation.

Raw material Polyester
Thickness 100mic.
Color Transparent
Types for copier, laser printer, inkjet printer
Special requirement with paper or short strip


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