Simply write on the tab
  Dishwasher and bottle sterilizer safe
  Resist for tearing and waterproof
  Classify Kids’ tableware or person items clearly



Sealable labels are a practical and efficient solution for labeling various items in a clear and organized manner. With these labels, you can easily write on the tab, ensuring that your labeling is legible and easily understandable.

One of the notable features of sealable labels is their durability and resistance to harsh conditions. These labels are designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use, including exposure to water and high temperatures. They are dishwasher and bottle sterilizer safe, ensuring that the labels remain intact and readable even after repeated washings.

The tear-resistant and waterproof properties of sealable labels make them reliable for long-term use. You can trust that your labels will stay securely attached and readable, regardless of the conditions they encounter. Whether it's handling wet or damp items or enduring rough handling, these labels will maintain their integrity and clarity.

Sealable labels are particularly useful for organizing and classifying kids' tableware or personal items. By clearly labeling each item, you can easily identify and distinguish between different belongings. This is especially beneficial in shared spaces, such as schools, daycare centers, or community events, where personal items can easily get mixed up. With sealable labels, you can ensure that your child's belongings are clearly marked and easily identifiable.

Raw material PET, PP
Specification 7 (L) cm x 1.5(W) cm


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