No laminator needed
  Quick and easy lamination
  Ultra clear finish
  Safe for users
  Good for documents like business cards, membership cards, Luggage tags, ID tags, or A4/letter size
  Easy to use at home, in the office or at school



Self-laminating cards are a convenient and user-friendly solution for protecting and enhancing various documents. With these cards, you don't need a laminator, saving you time and effort.

The process of laminating is quick and easy. Simply peel off the protective liner, place your document in the card, and press to seal. The self-adhesive design securely laminates your document without the need for any additional equipment or supplies.

One of the notable features of self-laminating cards is the ultra-clear finish they provide. This ensures that your documents maintain their clarity and readability while being protected from moisture, dirt, and wear and tear. The transparent surface allows your content to shine through, making it easy to view important information.

Safety is paramount when handling documents, and self-laminating cards prioritize user safety. They are designed to be safe and user-friendly, ensuring that anyone can easily laminate their documents without any risk of injury.

Raw material Polyester, Removable paper, Glue


Size Item A Luggage Tag w/loop & insert 71 x 115mm
Item A1 Name Card Size Luggage Tags w/loop 66 x 105mm
Item B ID Card w/clip 74 x 104mm
Item C Business Card 66 x 100mm
Item D 3" x 5" Photo 97 x 139mm
Item E 4" x 6" Photo 114 x 164mm
Item F A4 size 220 x 307mm

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